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subject: fishing posted: 01/29/08 07:51am | Report | Quote

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what have you caught so far i have caught a gold fish and a shark

edit what does the shark do as a pet??

edit again

i got 24 for fishing and lvld up
well i cant spell that well but i try

subject: re: fishing posted: 01/29/08 09:20am | Report | Quote

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yay lvling up is fun I thought I'd add exp to mini-games so ppl who dun like fighting could have an alternative

and Pets will randomly help out in battle

subject: re: fishing posted: 04/12/08 06:53am | Report | Quote

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I have caught goldfish, shark, booth, exp and nothing haha

subject: re: fishing posted: 05/03/08 04:49pm | Report | Quote

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hey how can i go to fishing??? please replay now!!!

subject: re: fishing posted: 05/04/08 02:26pm | Report | Quote

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Reply presented!!!
You go the the port at the top of Goma island, top right town
and travel tot he other island
Click on the pier, get defeated by the Hydra, but it goes away cause you stood up to it.
Buy a lure at the store there and fish away
Reel it in when you see the bobber moving

Caught to date: Goldfish, boot (Too many to count), Jelly fish, tangled string, shark, exp, and much of nothing *8) It got away

P.S. Fox, is that boot actually gonna be used for anything?
3 posts in 1, Hope I get credit for that one *8)

subject: re: fishing posted: 05/08/08 09:04pm | Report | Quote

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Has anyone found or made a better lure?

subject: re: fishing posted: 05/08/08 09:16pm | Report | Quote

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there a better lure other than the fishy

it is called "goldy lure"

check the alchemist guide on the help forums to know how to make the lure
you need to witstand tough opponents before you hold on to a goldy lure as the alchemist is way far from the fishing port and you might get killed on the way

the quote for the week:
"Its funny to think that gomas eat their own kind, ask an apple eating an apple...."

subject: re: fishing posted: 06/24/08 12:46pm | Report | Quote

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I'm sure y'all have figured this out, but worm+ plastic lets you fish out to the 3rd level.

subject: re: fishing posted: 11/20/08 06:24pm | Report | Quote

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I caught tangled string, goldfish, boot, jelly fish, a million pirate flags, and too much to count

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