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"Breeding" Goma's

subject: "Breeding" Goma's posted: 04/15/08 09:19am | Report | Quote

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It would be awesome if we could crossbreed goma's!

Could you amagine crossing a seaweed with a dandelion.
Or an apple with a pear (now no one can ever say you cant compare appels with pears! lol)

Jojo Mellow
subject: re: "Breeding" Goma's posted: 04/15/08 11:08am | Report | Quote

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Breaking a mirror give you seven years of bad luck, and there's seven dog years to every human year.
I thought the saying was "comparing apples to oranges"...

Personally, I like the realism of gomas based on actual plants. Unnatural crossbreeding would just detract from the realism. But that's just my opinion.

Although... it would certainly be interesting to see what Foxumon would come up with art-wise concerning crossbred gomas...
So what happens when a DOG breaks a mirror?

subject: re: "Breeding" Goma's posted: 04/15/08 11:20am | Report | Quote

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Lol could be comparing apples to oranges, hehe. Where i come from its comparing apples to pears.
As for the realism thing, how realistic are plants/fruits with eyes/mouths/hands/legs that walk around and fight each other lol
But i can see your point.

subject: re: "Breeding" Goma's posted: 04/15/08 06:36pm | Report | Quote

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what about people who graph trees to make multable fruit on one tree. it would be nice but it wouldnt give you a good stat boost if any but if you do a hydryd with one maby you have the hydyd stat boost and the pik of the other one
well i cant spell that well but i try

subject: re: "Breeding" Goma's posted: 04/15/08 11:59pm | Report | Quote

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I dunno but it seems pretty weird
*very weird..lol*

the quote for the week:
"Its funny to think that gomas eat their own kind, ask an apple eating an apple...."

Pure Angelic
subject: re: "Breeding" Goma's posted: 06/07/08 01:33am | Report | Quote

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I said,"It's a great idea, but... how do we do that? taking 2 seed and planting them into 1 flower pot which is just set for 1 seed to be planted in there... it's a great idea though... Nv thught of that b4.. lol

subject: re: "Breeding" Goma's posted: 08/24/08 02:13am | Report | Quote

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this sounds like a fun idea...select two gomas and combine them to make one goma that is a mix of the two and the higher of the two stats is transferred to the new goma - but it probably should be titled merging gomas

subject: re: posted: 11/16/08 05:32pm | Report | Quote

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lol i think thats a good idea...

subject: re: posted: 12/19/08 01:09pm | Report | Quote

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no offense but I don't like this idea

subject: re: "Breeding" Goma's posted: 02/14/09 03:32pm | Report | Quote

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well plants and flowers do crossbreed ( i know there is a big fancy word, but i forgot it ) so it should be in this game

im not too sure about vegetables crossbreeding though. ?.?

...or fruits....

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