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Flower Pot

subject: Flower Pot posted: 01/18/08 09:04am | Report | Quote

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How come I can't level up my flower pot?
Does it require an item, or time?
I really want to plant a lily seed.
How do I level it up?

subject: re: Flower Pot posted: 01/18/08 11:27am | Report | Quote

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The flower pot works like this:

You plant a seed
wait till it grows and harvest it
then it might turn into a Goma

When it turns into a Goma it will take up a spot in your greenhouse (and you can name it, fight with it, ect. ect.)

You can only plant one seed at a time and it'll take 3-5 hours to grow depending on it's level. After you harvest it you will be able to grow another seed.

Upgrading your flower pot means you can plant higher level seeds. A level one flower pot can only plant level 1 seeds, where as a level 4 flower pot can grow level 4 and below seeds. Level 5 is fully upgraded and you can plant anything in that sucker .

To upgrade your flower pot (or greenhouse or house) you need to go to the upgrade center in Shuma town. Once you have the enough money and items you can upgrade

Edit: Would you like it if you could pull-it your current seed(it would be destroyed) so you could plant a different one? I haven't thought about that feature until now but it might be a good one to add.

subject: re: Flower Pot posted: 01/18/08 02:43pm | Report | Quote

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Thanks for your help!
Will you harvest a goma if you're lucky?
I kept planting seeds and only see dirt.
Well, I guess it's like that.

(Of course you can't make seeds grow automatically into gomas, I guess it's just luck.)

subject: re: Flower Pot posted: 01/18/08 03:55pm | Report | Quote

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exactly right ^-^ I think it makes it a little challenging especially cuz most seeds are pretty easy to get a hold of oh, and you need dirt to upgrade your pot. So keep some if your planning on leveling it up ^^

subject: re: Flower Pot posted: 01/19/08 09:55am | Report | Quote

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Well, the thing that's good not growing a Goma is...
You get free dirt, you sell it, yay.
Thanks again.
(You're the greatest Admin on earth!)

subject: re: Flower Pot posted: 03/26/08 05:10am | Report | Quote

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Fir Wrote:
(You're the greatest Admin on earth!)

How true this is

subject: re: Flower Pot posted: 12/15/08 02:36pm | Report | Quote

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I'd like to upgrade my flower pot to level 3, I have the materials but there are 6 of them needed and they don't fit in my pack! How can I upgrade it then?

subject: re: Flower Pot posted: 12/16/08 07:12pm | Report | Quote

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with upgrades or anything else that requires more items then will fit in your pack they will automatically take stuff from your house.

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