Just off the coast awaits the mysterious Goma Island. Come along and join the adventure. Explore the island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your own creatures!
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Seed Locations!

subject: Seed Locations! posted: 08/02/08 08:25am | Report | Quote

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I have compiled a list of the seeds I have found. Feel free to add any you've found yourself.
Level 1 : Rose, Violet, Tulip
Level 2 : Kudzu, Peach, Lily
Level 3 : Bulb, Acorn, Blossom
Level 4 : Palm, Crabgrass, Grass
Level 5 : Pinecone, Cactus, Flytrap
Level 11 : Onion, Chili, Pear
Level 12 : Willow, Mangosteen, Brusselsprout
Level 13 : Cabbage, Shrub, Cauliflower
Level 14 : Potato, Cherry, Dandilion
Level 15 : Seaweed, Lilac, Apple
Monster Quest : Grape
Tournament Hall : Artichoke
Goma Hunt: Corn

I still don't know where Coconut, Banana, Avacado, Bonsai, Bamboo, Clover and Rambutan seeds are, but I haven't explored any dungeons yet.

subject: re: Seed Locations! posted: 09/04/08 06:03pm | Report | Quote

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Banana seed is at dungeon 1

subject: re: Seed Locations! posted: 09/05/08 03:10pm | Report | Quote

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A good chunk of those you're missing are not avaialble yet. The coconut is avaialble from wining in the arena

subject: re: Seed Locations! posted: 09/07/08 01:55am | Report | Quote

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I received a coconut seed as a prize for the colosseum tournament.

bit of a sad story actually - my 13 year old was bored during the summer holidays and feeling guilty because I should have been doing housework not playing online games I said to him he could try out the game. A little while later I asked him what he thought of it and he replied it's quite good I'm trying to decide which goma to enter into the colosseum next.

I replied don't enter any they aren't strong enough and you don't get them back, he looked rather sheepish and replied oops sorry Asterix and Obelix have already gone in. My two strongest gomas killed off in one foul swoop!!

He asked what they would win and I said probably nothing they aren'tvery strong yet. To my surprise one did win a prize but if 'm honest I'd still rather have Asterix because seeds don't very often grow into anything except dirt. If by some miracle the Coconut does grow I'll call him Asterix.

subject: re: Seed Locations! posted: 05/18/09 04:05pm | Report | Quote

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palm seed on the way to whatever the city that starts with H is

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