Just off the coast awaits the mysterious Goma Island. Come along and join the adventure. Explore the island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your own creatures!
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Showcase finished

subject: Showcase finished posted: 01/17/08 05:21pm | Report | Quote

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The showcase is all set to go! For right now you can pop whatever item you want in there and it'll display on your profile

Also a lot of new tool tips around the site...trying to make things easier on everyone

and in home you might notice that things have been changed around a lot. Instead of having multiple "packs" there is now only one reference to your pack where you can put things in storage, equip, plant, and put things in your new showcase! all in one convenient location

oh...and you can also see whose online. On the veeeery bottom of every page, just click on the "users online" to see everyone.

Forum > News > Showcase finished