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new support page

subject: new support page posted: 02/01/08 04:57pm | Report | Quote

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on the new support page you can vote daily yo get 5 free moneys yay. You can also get refferal links and check on the players you've referred.

Also, added a little description of what the item does to the item tool tip.

There was also a bug going around that would delete all of a players quests. If you were affected or get affected message me and I'll restore your quests.

subject: re: new support page posted: 02/03/08 07:09pm | Report | Quote

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for the support page a sugestion is you get you get a point for a specal shop everytime you vote and you can get items with a certan ammount of points and one point can be changed into 5 money
well i cant spell that well but i try

subject: re: new support page posted: 02/04/08 09:09am | Report | Quote

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I have been thinking about doing a special shop with secondary type of money like 'tokens' or something, but I hadn't thought or having a straight exchange of tokens-money. That's not bad, I'll keep it in mind

Forum > News > new support page