Just off the coast awaits the mysterious Goma Island. Come along and join the adventure. Explore the island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your own creatures!
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[04/10/08] Little guysFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Foxumon
Coupple little updates today!

  • map of Gokoh in help pages(appears when on Gokoh island)

  • healing items will now heal a fixed amount depending on their lvl

  • "Remember me" Will automatically fill in your username and password when selected

  • You can now throw away items from home

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[04/09/08] Boss TulipFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Pure Angelic
Oh no! This fearsome creature might be roaming about Goma Town. Bully too manny little tulips and this guys might just show up to settle the score!

Incidentally, some Gomas might appear angrier then usual. Please tread lightly!

Oh, and you can sort by price at the market now - if it so amuses you
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[04/09/08] Fighting shack!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by dakiller
OK, now you can get old quest rewards buy buying them from the shack Although, you can't buy one if you already have that item, and it doesn't matter where you put it. Like the market, safety despoit box, it all counts *nods*

Also, as I'm sure it's hard to miss, a lot of updates to battles! They now have little...animation thingies It also been tweaked in a couple of other ways, and the HP of wild gomas has become less...inflated
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[04/02/08] Thank goodness!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Foxumon
It seems everything has returned back to normal again on Goma Island! It seems some evil prankster of unknown origin was changing Gomas into weird poorly drawn scriblly creatures!!


But now thats all over and residents can now walk - without fear - through our fair island ^-^ For those poor critters still afflicted with "the scribblies" it seems changing their equipment will turn that back into their normal selves
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[04/01/08] Oh no! Something terrible has happened!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Peperono
Horrible things are happening to Gomas all over the site! ;-; Why oh why is this happening?!?!
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[03/31/08] Buddies & Emotes!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Peperono
A new buddy/ignored system was added today You can add people to either list from the account page ^-^ Buddies will appear on you profile, and you will also be able to see online buddies from your home

Ignored users won't be able to send you messages, and on the forums their messages will be hidden, but you can click to see what they said. *nods*

Also, the forums will now show you your last read messages! Categories with unread messages will be in bold, as are threads ^-^ You can only post within every 30 seconds now as well.

With these updates come a few new items too!

can't imagine where these might show up~
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[03/28/08] Wishing wellFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Cereberus
Up and to the right of Goma Island (in the corner over there) You may notice an old well ^-^ Throw in some moneys and maybie it will bring you some good luck.

Four new items might be showing up as well~

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[03/27/08] New set of equipment!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Foxumon
A new affordable set of equipment has shown up in shops all around Goma Island - along with the first head and accessory slotted items! The pin is also the first item to boost your Goma's HP

also items can be made to be a lot smaller ^-^ and items bonuses will appear out of battle now. Good news for anyone interested in Goma Hunt
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[03/25/08] New town images!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Hatred
The towns have all been refitted to a new style - enjoy

Also on a smaller note, there is a new confirmation message when you pull up your seeds
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[03/24/08] Item system updateFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Cereberus
The item management system has been moved around a bit today - it shouldn't be noticeable, but because of that all equipment items have been removed and put in your house.

If you have any issues with items around the site - let me know
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[03/19/08] New Goma Equipment system!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Peperono

Now when you equip an item to your goma it will appear on you Goma! (ooooh)

There are four slots:
  • head
  • body
  • item
  • accessory

From your home you can equip items and then edit your goma's avatar. You can layer, resize, and position your equipment however you want!

The home page in general has been changed a lot, now you'll need to click on an item from your pack to view and use it, and you can click 'manage equipment' or 'remove equipment' under your goma to change it's equipment without adding something new. And the inbox has been prettied up as well

Another addition today is that you can sell items directly from your storage. No more trudging back and forth from home to sell all those items

If you have any missing items, items arn't working correctly, or your having issues with adding equipment please let me know ASAP!

There is an issue with IE that the slider handles don't appear correctly, but although it might look strange it does still work.
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[02/27/08] Profile updates!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Foxumon
Updated the profiles today with a new look and comments!

They're also edit-able with CSS ^^

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[02/26/08] Live chat!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Peperono
New live chat has been added to the site! Theres a link to it on the forum and you can tell whoose chatting from the users online page!

Also, the smilies have been revamped and some cute new ones have been added:

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[02/22/08] PerfumeFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Crystellaex

A little birdie told me users would enjoy having a scent item, so voila - perfume! This little sucker is dropped by a Goma lurking around Gokoh Town so good luck finding one

Scent items will attract wild Gomas and increase your random encounters - i.e. better scent = more fights. Just put perfume in your showcase and you're all set!
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[02/19/08] Layout changeFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by dakiller
Big change in the layout today, as you can see by this green/blue affair. I hope everyone enjoys the new look!
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