Just off the coast awaits the mysterious Goma Island. Come along and join the adventure. Explore the island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your own creatures!
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[02/13/08] Forum updatesFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Peperono
Just a quick face lift for the Forums It should make it a little more user friendly <3
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[02/11/08] Trint Town!Foxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by dakiller
A new town opened today, Go and check it out! Inside trint you'll find:

-open a safety deposit box to store items
-make investments and earn some interest!

Goma Hunt
-Put your Gomas to work and find some items!
-New items that you can only get through Goma Hunt

-Buy a chisel and have at it!
-Get minerals, experience, or the new fertilizer items!

Town Square
-say hi to the mayor
-then leave o.o
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[02/06/08] New first questFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Foxumon
Alright, another new rendition of the first quest!

All users who were in the middle of the old first quest have lost their progress.

If anyone wants to help me out, try it again, and give me their thoughts, a worthless yet yummy cookie awaits them

as on 2/12/08 no more cookies for this
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[02/01/08] new support pageFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Foxumon
on the new support page you can vote daily yo get 5 free moneys yay. You can also get refferal links and check on the players you've referred.

Also, added a little description of what the item does to the item tool tip.

There was also a bug going around that would delete all of a players quests. If you were affected or get affected message me and I'll restore your quests.
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[01/29/08] Tournament experience and levelsFoxumon 12/31/69 04:00pm by Foxumon
The levels for wild Gomas have been lowered all across the islands. This will hopefully make things easier for beginners

And on a somewhat related note Experience is back in tourneys! For those higher level types you can now score some easy exp as well as an item.

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[01/28/08] fishing updateFoxumon ---
The fishing mini-game has been updated to be a little more interesting
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[01/25/08] Gokoh IslandFoxumon ---
A major update: a whooole new island to explore! Just complete the port quest in Shuma town and your off~ Not all the towns are finished yet, but there's been a lot added:
  • new town
  • 20 new Gomas
  • 4 new quests
  • fishing mini game
  • 27 new items
  • 'stench' items which decrease your chances of encountering a wild Goma

And there's much more to come! A lot of new mini games, quests and towns are still in production
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[01/24/08] fight lockoutFoxumon ---
The annoying little lockout for fights has been changed so now when your in a fight you will only be locked out from the explore page, but you won't be able to use items on your Goma on other pages.

Also, you can now view the equipment that gomas in your greenhouse are holding.
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[01/23/08] Market changes and simultaneous questsFoxumon ---
The market has been upgraded a bit today! You can now search and sort by item type, and if you don't know what the types mean a handy little tooltip will tell ya!

You can also view only your own items, and now you can only have a maximum of 10 items for sale at a time.

Also, you can now be on multiple quests at once! The new quest log link will store all the info on your quests

On a lesser note, but still important~ The security has been increased on a lot of pages to fend of those malicious people who might want to do your account harm! (whoever they might be...)
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[01/17/08] Showcase finishedFoxumon ---
The showcase is all set to go! For right now you can pop whatever item you want in there and it'll display on your profile

Also a lot of new tool tips around the site...trying to make things easier on everyone

and in home you might notice that things have been changed around a lot. Instead of having multiple "packs" there is now only one reference to your pack where you can put things in storage, equip, plant, and put things in your new showcase! all in one convenient location

oh...and you can also see whose online. On the veeeery bottom of every page, just click on the "users online" to see everyone.
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[01/15/08] Various changesFoxumon ---
changes as follows:

  • you won't receive refferals until after refered user completes first quest

  • many tooltip changes(mostly their color)

  • home split into home + preferences

  • 5 most recent messages will show at home

  • showcase - still in development :(

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[01/14/08] market removal and view usersFoxumon ---
Now you can remove items you put up in the marketplace! Pretty basic, but it's a good thing to have~

And you can now see which users are in the same tile as you while your exploring! No need to feel lonely anymore!
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[01/11/08] New buttons and marketplaceFoxumon ---
I changed the buttons for the layout, I might chane them again - they look a little small.

The marketplace is now accessible from anywhere. Hopefully that will stimulate the economy a little
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[01/10/08] more thophies again...Foxumon ---
yes one more new trophy! The big10
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[01/09/08] Trophie help pageFoxumon ---
I just finished added a "book of trophies" to the help page. Now you can see how you got your trophies and how many you're missing.

Also, added the "oldie" trophy today as well

Also, also added the "Friendship" trophy today along with a "referred by" slot on the registration page - although these things are surely not related~~
OMG, their heads came out adorable!!
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