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[12/21/07] Help page changesFoxumon ---
Now the information in the databases (renamed "books") will reveal themselves instead of just showing up. I twas a great suggestion from beam and I finally figured out how to implement it

So now every time you fight a monster or get an item the information about it will be revealed in it's corresponding book
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[12/20/07] lotta little updatesFoxumon ---
okays just some little updates today that aught to make the site a little better
  • fixed keno bug
  • you can now preview your post in your inbox and forum
  • you can now only play the keno and in tournaments 5 times a day
  • 10,000 moneys limit for items in the marketplace
  • new list bbcode

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[12/19/07] Help page revampFoxumon ---
With all the changes to the site the help page has become woefully out of date. So now all that information is up-to-date. hooray!
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[12/18/07] New map and first questFoxumon ---
The map will now show your exact location. and the first quest has been upgraded~

If anyone who did the old first quest wants to try out the new one you can reply to this post and ask
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[12/14/07] New look and feel for battle!Foxumon ---
The battle page has been completely remodeled and the levels have been adjusted to be more even

Also, a new trophy today, the whiteroom trophy! ooooh!

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[12/13/07] Loudmouth!Foxumon ---
A new trophy! The "loudmouth" trophy has been added today! Good luck finding it

You can also quit quests now! yay ^-^ You will lose all progress, but you'll be able to restart it later
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[12/12/07] New quests system!Foxumon ---
The quest system has been remodled so it will be lots easier to add new quests in the future! Mostly back end stuff, but what you will notice is a "quest status" button ( ) that'll show up whenever your on a quest and remind you where you are, the quests have been renamed, and now you can only participate in one quest at a time.

A new trophy has been added too, the "contractor" trophy
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[12/11/07] new news!Foxumon ---
Today the news has been switched over to the forum! Also there will be a little notification on the banner when there is a new news post so no one misses out The landing page has been tweaked a little too. Nothing too major. I was just showing the site to a friend and they got confused when they saw all the buttons and couldn't click them...so now they're all click able and wonderful!

I've also added a new trophy today, it's the "Gardener" trophy. Good luck finding it!

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[12/10/07] registration errorFoxumon ---
There was an error on the registration page that wasn't allowing users to register - but it was still sending out conformation emails. The problem has been fixed now, and registration is back online.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Also, you may have noticed that user pages have been modified! This will allow more room for all the new trophies I have planned. The first of which has been released today! Can you get it?

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[12/08/07] Emotes!Foxumon ---
A set of emotes is now available! Just use the codes in the FAQ to post these little fellers wherever you feel like!

Also, your join date will now appear on your user profile, but for everyone who joined later that today it is set as today.
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[12/05/07] You missed!Foxumon ---
Now, as an added bonus for agility, you or your opponent might miss!

The Apothecary, chemist, monster quests, and tournament hall have been changed to show more details (prizes, levels, ect.) and should be easier to use now.
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[12/03/07] HP increaseFoxumon ---
you will now receive 3 HP for every point you put into it. And this is retroactive so if you've already spent points on your HP you don't need to worry

Also, your online status will now appear on your profile and in the forums and The total number of online users will appear on the bottom of the page.
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[11/30/07] Battle ChangesFoxumon ---
To even out the status affects burn has been weakened and confuse has been strengthened. Now there less of a chance for your opponent to snap out of confusion!

Also, the effects of heal items will now be based on percentages instead of fixed values. Good news for all those high HP pets out there!
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[11/28/07] No more EXP from tourneysFoxumon ---
It looked to me like the tournament system could be abused - so it will no longer be giving out experience.
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[11/27/07] Screen shots & bbcodesFoxumon ---
Five screenshots have been added to the front page and...

I've also added a few more bbcodes.
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