Just off the coast awaits the mysterious Goma Island. Come along and join the adventure. Explore the island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your own creatures!
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User's Guide:
Part1: Interface
Part2: Main areas
Part3: Battles, upgrades, trophies, and quests
Book of Quests and Trohpies
Book of Beasts
Book of Items
Book of Attacks

Frequenty Asked Questions

Where do I find the ___ item?
Most items are dropped by monsters, and you can search for which item a monster drops in the Book of Beasts. There are also other items that aren't dropped by monsters, you can find them or win them at the Chemist, Tournament hall, Keno, Apothecary, Coliseum, Monster quests, Smith, and temple. If you don't know where those places are you can use the map to locate them. The store in Kuro town sells equipment items that you can't get anywhere else, and the only way to get dirt is from your flower pot.

What do I do with the ____ item?
First of all, the only way to make money is to sell the items you get! However, every item has a purpose in the game. They can be used for quests, as equipment, for healing, or for upgrades. During a quest you may be asked to find a certain item. And to find out what items you need for upgrade you can go to the upgrade center and chemist in Shuma town.

Alright, I see that I can get one of the items for upgrade from the chemist, but where do I get the other one?
The second item you will need to win from either the keno, monster quest, or tournament depending on which upgrade you are going for. If you don't know where those places are you can use the map to locate them.

What do I do with the cursed items?
You have to get them blessed of course! And who could do such a thing? Why, that would our friendly priest down in Honto Town. Of course he is a very busy man with all of his "soul saving" and what not, so a generous donation might help to get his attention - if you get my drift.

I just grew a Goma! How do I name it?
Once you Goma has been havested select it as your current goma and where it's name would appear on your status bar will the link "Name Goma." You can rename your Goma later at the name changer in Proa Town on Gokoh island.

I want to put images in my messages, or make text bold! How do I do that?
You can use the following bbcodes to format your posts!
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I'm completely lost! Can you help me?
If your having trouble with the game and after completely reading through the help files you still can't figure it out you can use the contact form to ask for help. Please state your question clearly and completely.

I think something is broken on the site, where do I report it?
All bugs can be reported through the contact form. Thank you for reporting all glitches you come across in the game :3 You may also report typos or anything that doesn't look right on the site if you feel moved to do so. All constructive input is welcome!