Just off the coast awaits the mysterious Goma Island. Come along and join the adventure. Explore the island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your own creatures!
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User's Guide:
Part1: Interface
Part2: Main areas
Part3: Battles, upgrades, trophies, and quests
Book of Quests and Trohpies
Book of Beasts
Book of Items
Book of Attacks


Main navigation
Home: Here you can take care of your Gomas
Explore: Here you can explore the Island
Forum: Here you can talk to fellow players
Help: Here you can get help
Event status
During certain events a small bar will appear that will show you your current completion of an event or let you quit an event.
Mail Icon
When you receive mail this icon will appear. Clicking this will take you to your inbox.
Quest Icon
When you are on a quest clicking this button will show you your current progress
News icon
This will appear when there is a new news post. Clicking this will take you to the newest news post.
This is all the items you're currently holding. If the item is a healing item you can click it at any time to use it on your current Goma
Name: This is your username. Clicking on your username will take you to your profile.
Moneys: Moneys are the currency used on Goma Island they can be used to purchase items or services on the Island.
Goma: This is your current Goma's name
Level: This is the current level of your Goma.
Logout: This is the logout button. When your done playing you can click this button to log out from your Goma account.
Goma and equipment: above the HP bar is an image of your Goma and it's equiped item
HP and EXP: This is the HP(hit points) and EXP(experience points) of your current Goma. When your Goma runs out of HP it will not be able to fight, and when your Goma's EXP bar is full it will gain a new level.