Just off the coast awaits the mysterious Goma Island. Come along and join the adventure. Explore the island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your own creatures!
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User's Guide:
Part1: Interface
Part2: Main areas
Part3: Battles, upgrades, trophies, and quests
Book of Quests and Trohpies
Book of Beasts
Book of Items
Book of Attacks



Give Commands
You can choose one of your Goma's two attacks to fight your opponent, or you can run away. When running away there is a chance that you will be unsuccessful.
Use Item
If you have a healing or cure item you can use them in battle. But while you're using an item your opponent will be able to attack you.
Status Effects
During a battle you might get afflicted by some kind of status effect. A status icon will appear next to your Goma's name letting you know which status is affecting your Goma. Consult the Book of Attacks for information on the different effect types.
Time of day
Depending on what time of day it is a Goma might get a little boost. You can determine what time of day it is depending on the banner. A bright sky with clouds indicates that it's daytime, while a dark starry sky indicates nighttime.

Daytime Elements: Fire and Wind
Nighttime Elements: Earth and Water
Goma Types
In battle your Goma might have the advantage or disadvantage depending on it's type.
Elemental Advantages:

Fire > Wind > Earth > Water > Fire



In Shuma Town there is an Upgrade Center where you can increase the level of your House, Greenhouse, and Flower Pot. You have to collect a certain number of two different items and some moneys in order to complete an upgrade. One of those items can be obtained through the Chemist, who is also in Shuma Town. The other item will come from completing an event like keno, a tournament, or a monster quest.



By completing quests and attaining certain goals on Goma Island you can receive trophies which will appear on your profile. Here is a small list of some of the trophies currently available:



When exploring Goma Island you might happen upon a quest. You can only participate in one quest at a time, but you can quit at any time. To quit a quest click on the quest icon in the banner and then click on "quit quest." When quitting a quest you will loose all your progress, but you can restart the quest later. If you get stuck or forget your place during a quest you click on the quest icon to view your current progress.